Echelon EX3 vs Schwinn IC4 | Which is the right spin bike for you?

Echelon ex3 vs Schwinn ic4

When most people think of home gyms, the first thing that comes to mind is a big, bulky piece of equipment. That’s normal and it takes up huge space in their living room. Yet,  the scenario has changed now. In this post, I’ll compare two popular home gym machines Echelon EX3 vs Schwinn IC4 for you to decide which is the right workout equipment. 

Introduction of newer and more compact machines in the market. Forget the old options. You have many choices if you’re in the market for a new commercial spin bike. Two of the most popular models are the echelon EX3 and the Schwinn IC4.

So, let’s do their one-on-one comparison.

Note: Both indoor cycling bikes have pros and cons, but ultimately as per my research I think the Schwinn IC 4 comes out on top.

Keep reading to find out why!

<b>Echelon EX3</b>


Schwinn IC4


Technical Specifications

Both bikes offer high-quality fitness performance to help you attain your fitness goals. But, after trying them out, I have to say that I prefer the Schwinn exercise bike.

Here’s why:

FeaturesEchelon EX3Schwinn IC 4
Resistance TypeMagneticMagnetic
Resistance Levels32100
FrameHeavy duty steelOther
Drive SystemResistanceResistance
User Weight Limit300 lb330 lb
Console21.5-inch HDLCD console
Heart Rate Monitor
SeatRace bike seat adjustableAdjustable
Handlebar AdjustmentHeight OnlyHeight & Fore/Aft
Media Tray
PedalsDual-Sided with Toe Cage & SPD-Compatible ClipsDual-compatible
Training & Social AppsEchelon Fit AppPeloton, Zwift, Explore the World App, and more
Warranty12 month parts
12 month labor
10 year frame
3 year parts
1 year labor
Dimensions44”L x 12”W x 33”H49"L x 21.5"W x 52"H
Water Bottle Holder
Weight105 lb 106 lb

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Echelon Ex3 vs Schwinn Ic4 – Exploring Its Features

Below I mentioned each feature in detail so you can dig deep into their output.

1. Design & Frame

First of all, both the Echelon ex 3 and the Schwinn ic4 spin bikes have a sleek and modern design. It looks great in any commercial setting. The echelon ex 3 has a slightly more compact frame than the Schwinn IC 4.

However, Echelon EX 3 has a steel frame, while Schwinn IC 4 has an aluminum frame. Both bikes are sturdy, but the echelon may be slightly heavier due to its material. Also, it’s less portable. That’s why it’s a better option as a heavy-duty frame.

Similarly, both bikes have SPD-compatible pedals with toe cages. The SPD pedals are great if you use your bike for racing or triathlons. The maximum weight capacity of IC 4 and Ex 3 is 330 lbs and 300 lbs, respectively.

In terms of overall weight, both bikes have a minimal difference.

Winner: Schwinn IC 4

2. Comfort & Convenience

Secondly, Echelon EX 3 and Schwinn IC 4 spin bikes feature cushioned seats and adjustable handlebars for rider comfort. Echelon offers an extra gel seat cover for those who prioritize comfort.

Yet, the Schwinn IC 4 boasts additional features including an LCD console, diverse metric tracking, dumbbells, and 100 levels of magnetic resistance. So,  you can experience a smoother ride.

Both bikes allow seat adjustments. The Schwinn IC 4’s handlebars adjust four ways with a urethane coating, surpassing Echelon’s height-only handlebar adjustment.

Also, during workouts, the Schwinn IC 4 often provides superior comfort compared to the Echelon EX 3.

Winner: Schwinn IC 4

3. Display

Watching digital content while spin-riding is a new norm. The Schwinn IC 4 has an LCD console, while the Echelon Ex 3 does not. On Echelon, you will find a tablet holder to which you can attach it easily.

Conversely, Schwinn is more advanced as it has a built-in console that displays your workout metrics. Schwinn’s display shows more information, including your heart rate, calories burned, RMPs, and distance pedaled.

That’s why IC 4 outweighs Echelon Ex 3 in this category with its state-of-the-art characteristics.

Winner: Schwinn IC 4 

4. Flywheel & Resistance Levels

The Echelon EX’s flywheel weighs 28 pounds, lighter for easy pedaling. The Schwinn IC features a 40-pound flywheel for a gym-grade experience. Heavier flywheels are preferred for their smoother motion in tough workouts.

Therefore, both bikes have silent, magnetic resistance. The Echelon has 32 resistance settings. Schwinn IC4 provides 100 settings for detailed intensity control. Given the flywheel weight and resistance variety, the Schwinn IC proves to be the stronger fitness equipment.

Winner: Schwinn IC 4 

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5. Tech Integration & Other Features

Both exercise bikes are Bluetooth-compatible. But, The Schwinn IC 4 has a few more tech features than the Echelon Ex 3. Schwinn IC 4 connects with many other fitness apps for live and on-demand classes.

For instance, Peloton App, Zwift App, Explore the World Fitness App, and more. On the other hand, Echelon Ex 3 offers Bluetooth connectivity with one fitness app, the Echelon Fit App.

Meanwhile, Schwinn also has a Bluetooth heart rate monitor and an additional armband, while Echelon Ex 3 does not. Moreover, Schwinn IC 4 comes with 3 lb dumbbells, a media rack, and two water bottle holders. Ex 3 comes with a dumble rack, but you will have to get the weights separately.

When it comes to ease of use in workout programs, both bikes are pretty good. Yet, it’s clear that Schwinn has more advanced features. In terms of connectivity with more fitness apps, integrated screens, resistance levels, and tech integration.

Winner: Schwinn IC 4 

6. Price Factor

The echelon EX-series is also a bit less expensive than the Schwinn IC-series. The echelon costs around $799, while the Schwinn IC-series costs around $879.

So, if budget is a concern, the Echelon Ex 3 might be a better option for you.

Although there’s not much difference, the Schwinn IC 4 is a more expensive model than the Echelon smart connect Ex 3. However, both bikes are comparable in terms of features and quality. If you’re conscious about price then Echelon may be a better option at a very affordable price.

Winner: Echelon Ex 3

7. Warranty Period

One of the key differences between these two indoor cycles is the warranty. The echelon EX-series offers a 12-month limited warranty, while the Schwinn ic bikes offer only a ten-year longer warranty. This could be important if you use your bike heavily or for many years.

Echelon Ex 3 Warranty

  • 12 Months Limited (Labor And Parts)

Schwinn IC 4 Warranty

  • ‎1 year electrical
  • 90 days labor
  • 10 years frame
  • 3 years parts

Winner: Schwinn IC 4

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Schwinn Ic4 vs Echelon Ex3 – Who Wins Finally?

The Schwinn IC 4 packs premium features like varied resistance, on-demand classes, and Bluetooth. It also has an adjustable console and toe-cage pedals. If you’re budget-conscious, the Echelon Ex 3 is less expensive.

Yet, Schwinn’s extra features justify its higher cost. For the best in class, Schwinn IC 4 is the top pick.

Winner: Schwinn IC 4

Similarities & Differences: Schwinn Ic4 vs Echelon Ex3

Let’s have a quick look at their similarities & differences before I move on to the conclusion:


Magnetic resistance in both bikes Schwinn ic4 has,large dimension,heavy flywheel more weight and maximum allowed weight
Water bottle and blue tooth connectivity is available Schwinn ic4 has more warranty and different frame material
Dual-compatible PedalsSchwinn ic4 has more resistance level
Schwinn ic4 has LCD console whereas Echelon ex3 has 21.5" HD
Schwinn IC4 can be connected with Peloton, Zwift, Explore the World App, and more
Schwinn IC4 is expensive and has dumpbell

The Takeaway!

I’ve tested both the Echelon Smart Connect EX 3 and the Schwinn IC4. My preference leans towards the Schwinn. It works seamlessly with fitness apps like Peloton, enhancing the workout streaming experience. Its sturdy build also provides a more comfortable ride. For those weighing their options, I’d suggest the Schwinn IC4. It’s a solid choice for any fitness routine.

Have you experienced the Echelon EX 3 or Schwinn IC 4?

Share your favorite and your experiences with your choice in the comments below!

What is the Schwinn IC4 equivalent to?

The Schwinn IC4 and Bowflex C6 are closely matched indoor cycling bikes, with Nautilus Inc. as their manufacturer. They share design, features, and function, differing mainly in looks and branding.

Given their Nautilus lineage, both bikes frequently draw comparisons. They are well-regarded in the market for indoor cycling bikes.

Is Schwinn IC4 a good spin bike?

Schwinn holds a strong reputation in the fitness world, known for quality spin bikes favored by workout aficionados. These bikes fit well for home exercise routines.

But remember a spin bike’s quality and performance hinge on the model and its features. Always research or read blogs like ours to find a bike that fits your requirements and price point.

Can you watch Netflix on Schwinn IC4?

The Schwinn IC4, an indoor cycling bike, lacks an integrated screen or direct internet access, so it can’t stream services like Netflix by itself. But it allows for a personal device to connect through Bluetooth or USB. So riders can use their own gadgets to watch Netflix or other streaming platforms during their workout.