Echelon EX3 vs EX5? Which Exercise Bike is Worth Buying?

echelon ex3 vs ex5

Workout is integral, but going to the gym has always been hectic for procrastinators. The need to bring gyms home has accelerated in this fast-paced world where people lack time for themselves in the hassle of life. With extremely bulky and expensive workout machines, it was nearly impossible for people to bring gyms to their comfort place; home. However, the time has changed now. 

Many economic and smart workout machines have conquered the market, and Echelon ex 3 Vs ex 5 bikes are among them. With high performance and tech integration, these exercise bikes have revolutionalized the fitness industry. 

Echelon is a go-to option for individuals when it comes to indoor bikes. Their bikes, Echelon ex 3 Vs ex 5, are backed with technology and functionality, but people get confused while choosing one. Both of them have many similar features. However, after using both echelon bikes, I was more impressed by Echelon 5. Keep on reading to discover the key differences behind this! 

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Echelon ex 3 Vs ex 5; Specifications

It’s obvious that both Echelon bikes, ex 3 Vs ex 5, have many similar features, including the same resistance levels, weight capacity, and warranty. However, there are some differences in their features that have an impact on performance as well. Below, I will compare these two in detail and determine a winner in each category.

FeaturesEchelon EX3Echelon EX5
Resistance TypeMagneticMagnetic
Resistance Levels3232
FrameHeavy duty steelHeavy duty steel
Drive SystemResistanceResistance
User Weight Limit300 lb300 lb
Saddle AdjustmentHeight & Fore/AftHeight & Fore/Aft
Heart Rate Monitor
SeatVented CompetitionVented Competition
Handlebar AdjustmentHeight OnlyHeight & Fore/Aft
Media Tray
PedalsDual-Sided with Toe Cage & SPD-Compatible ClipsDual-Sided with Toe Cage & SPD-Compatible Clips
Training & Social AppsEchelon Fit AppEchelon Fit App
Warranty12 month parts
12 month labor
12 month parts
12 month labor
Dimensions44”L x 12”W x 33”H54”L x 20”W x 33”H
Water Bottle Holder
Weight105 lb112 lb

What’s the difference between echelon ex3 and ex5? Let’s find out…

Echelon ex 3 Vs ex 5; Detailed Comparison

Frame & Design: 

The frame and design of every exercise bike play a great part in building its positive first impression. Features aside, we all look into the appearance and quality of the bikes. Right? That’s what I did, too. These echelon bikes are well-designed and compatible to add value to your home gym. An exercise bike’s overall weight and capacity determine if it is heavy-duty or flimsy. 

The assembled weight of the Echelon bike Ex3 is 102lbs, and it has a capacity of 300lbs. On the other hand, the overall weight of Ex5 reaches up to 112 with the same capacity of 300lbs. There’s no such difference between Echelon ex 3 Vs 5 when it comes to the frame and design. 

Both have 28.6lbs back-mounted flywheel that assures a smooth and stable ride. Both bikes are equally durable and functional, with aluminum-coated pedals and heavy-duty steel frame construction. Ex5 weighs a little more than Ex3 and takes little space as well. But there’s no such difference between both echelon bikes. 

So, no one wins in this frame and design category! 

It’s a tie!

Resistance Levels: 

We must maintain a base level of resistance to be stable on the saddle and safely on stationary bikes. High-resistance cycling has a lot of benefits, from fat loss to improved cardiovascular health. When it comes to Echelon ex 3 Vs ex5, both have 32 levels of magnetic resistance. You can easily adjust the resistance levels using the indexing resistance adjustment knob on the handlebar.

Both echelon bikes have the same quiet belt drive and magnetic resistance systems, making them undifferentiated in this category. 

However, upon exercising on Echelon bike Ex3, I experienced difficulty upgrading the resistance level as each change required a couple of turns. Conversely, my experience with Ex5 in this regard was smooth. 

Due to the same levels of magnetic resistance, there’s no winner in this category either. 

It’s a tie again!

Comfort and Convenience: 

Slight discomfort during training sessions can drop our enthusiasm. Handlebars, cushioned seats, and a smooth pedaling experience determine our comfort level during cycling. If a bike fails in these three characteristics, it’s useless for us. 

Echelon bike ex 3 has ergonomic handlebars with adjustable height, and Ex 5 has a competition aero handlebar system. Additionally, the handlebars of ex 5 have elbow rests, making them more comfortable while cycling. Ex 5 has two large bottle holders below the ergonomic handlebars to fulfill hydration needs during an intense workout. Meanwhile, echelon ex 3 does not. Both have two dumbbell holders below the seat. 

The seat is nicely padded and has a four-way adjustment. You can adjust the height and depth (fore/aft) of both seat and handlebars of Ex 5. But, with Echelon Ex 3, the option to handlebar’s fore and aft adjustment is unavailable.

Regarding the smooth pedaling experience, there’s no difference between them as both have the same Dual-Sided toe cage & SPD-compatible clips. Moreover, there’s a built-in device holder in both Ex 3 and 5 models, which can hold smart devices from 5.5’’ to 12.5’’ and features a 180-degree flip.

While cycling on both spin bikes, I noticed very little difference in their features. However, the Ex5 gave a more comfortable and nicer experience due to its upgraded handlebar, softer seat, fully adjustable toe cages, and availability of bottle holders.

So, when it comes to comfort and convenience, Echelon connects bike ex5 outweighs ex3.

Winner: Echelon Ex5 

Tech Integration:

Echelon Ex 3 and Ex 5 have Bluetooth connectivity that pairs with the Echelon fit app, making them equally ideal for tech lovers. After connecting, you can install the echelon fit app on your phone or tablet and attach it to the device holder. Fitness apps like the Echelon fit app help you keep track of your workouts and contains many pre-programmed workouts. 

It’s a subscription-based echelon fit app with many features like Cycling, Rowing, Running, HIIT, Kickboxing, Strength Training, Yoga, Pilates, and interactive training.

There’s no winner in this category as well. 

It’s a tie

Price Range and Warranty:

The price of Echelon Ex is $799.99. However, it costs around $999.99 for Ex 5 model.

A huge difference in both bikes’ cost, indeed.

Compared to the Ex3 exercise bike, the price range of Ex 5 is high. Although these are budget-friendly workout bikes with great features and remarkable quality. Still, Ex5 is a little expensive option. 

Both spin bikes have nearly the same features and pair with an echelon app. But, the additional features of echelon ex bike 5, like a fully adjustable handlebar, comfortable seat, elbow rests, bottle holders, upgraded tablet holder, and compact design, make it stand out.

In warranty, there’s no difference between these two bikes. 

  • 12 Months Parts
  • 12 Months Labor 

Winner: Echelon Ex 3 

Echelon ex 3 Vs ex 5; Overall Winner 

Both Echelon Ex 3 and ex 5 are fully functional indoor workout bikes! Despite many similar features, some make Ex 5 win over Ex 3. Echelon Ex 5 has a nicer tablet holder, fully adjustable handlebars with elbow rests, two water bottle holders, and cushioned seat. The resistance levels, drive system, and Bluetooth compatibility with the echelon app are the same.

While testing out any exercise bike, factors like magnetic resistance levels, the change in magnetic resistance, comfort, convenience, affordability, and tech integration help make the decision. Although both have similar features, I had a more comfortable experience pedaling on the Echelon Ex5. I don’t mind paying extra bucks because the experience is smooth and comfortable. 

So, between both echelon bikes for advanced riders, the winner would be Echelon Ex 5 exercise bike! 

Winner Echelon Connect Bike

Echelon Ex5 

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Similarities and Differences: At A Glance

Magnetic Resistance Type and 32 LevelEx5 has more Weight and large Dimensions
Heavy duty steel frame and 28.6lbs FlywheelEx5 is expensive
12 months WarrantyHandlebar Adjustment
Bluetooth Connectivity and No Heart Rate MonitorBottle Holder
Height & Fore/Aft Saddle Adjustment and Vented Competition Seatone Color in Ex5
Echelon Fit AppPhone & tablet holder in EX5 only

The Takeaway!!!

There’s no doubt that both echelon ex bikes are excellent exercise bikes with amazing features. Due to many similar features, both echelon bikes stand right in the demand of fitness enthusiasts. Performance-wise, both are great options. The difference lies in comfortability. Echelon Ex5 is more comfortable as it has fully adjustable handlebars and features like a nicer tablet holder and two holders for water bottles.

If you cannot compromise on the comfort factor of spin bikes while exercising, Echelon Ex 5 exercise bike is for you. On the other hand, if you can do without the additional features like water bottle holders, then Ex 3 is a fully functional yet affordable option. You will also have to pay for the echelon app subscription. Choose one as per your needs, preferences, and budget.