Does Pre-Workout Go Bad? Tips & Tricks To Save It!

does pre workout go bad
does pre workout go bad

Does pre-workout go bad? Yes, there are a lot of reasons which can cause your pre-workout to be contaminated. Although there aren’t many chances of getting it bad, using it after the expiry date or the poor storage conditions can lead your pre-workout to lose its effectiveness. This might cause you serious health problems too. By consuming it with proper care, your pre-workout can stay with you as long as its recommended shelf life.

Pre-workout works as an energy dose and boosts the level of performance during a workout. It also eases fatigue and helps you recover from tiredness after a strenuous workout. The question that arises here is, Does pre-workout go bad? With so many confusions like this in mind, one might wonder how he will know if his pre-workout has gone bad or not. Hold your horses, we are here to eliminate all of your confusion and doubts regarding pre-workouts and their usage. 

Pre-workouts like any other protein powder and energy supplements can expire after exceeding their expiry date. Using any food item past its shelf life would be nothing but mere negligence. Having that said, we cannot deny the benefits of pre-workout. The ingredients incorporated in these pre-workouts help us heighten our energy levels before a workout. 

Let’s get back to the point! 

Does Pre-Workout Expire After Mixing?

Typically, one should mix its pre-workout right before going to the gym or workout. However, if you plan to mix it a night before a workout then it is perfectly fine. Pre-workouts usually do not go bad right after mixing. Keeping them stored for days after mixing would cause their effectiveness to reduce. 

Apart from this, the only ingredient that can cause problems after mixing is creatinine. This ingredient is unstable in liquid but if stored at a cool temperature, it would not degrade quickly. Refrigerating pre-workout for a maximum of 12 hours after mixing will slow down the process of creatinine degradation. Make sure to keep your mixed pre-workout in the refrigerator if you intend to consume it in 12 hours. 

Does Pre-Workout Go Bad in Heat?

Situations like temperature fluctuations cause pre-workout to go bad before the expiry date. It stays safe in a cool dry place like a cabinet or even a fridge. If the temperature of your room is hotter than normal, then your pre-workout will face problems like condensation. Changing temperature can cause them to expire too soon, so try to keep them stored in a consistent cool environment. 

Does Pre-Workout Expire After Opening? 

Does Pre-Workout Expire After Opening?

Getting excited about the gym and leaving for it after elevating up your energy from pre-workout sounds amazing. But wait… You gotta close the lid tightly before leaving. Leaving the lid open would cause the pre-workout to get contaminated with bacteria and other microorganisms. Most importantly, factors like air, moisture, and humidity are the enemies of your pre-workout, So, save your buddy from them! Otherwise, it will get spoiled and your money will get wasted. 

Expired Pre-Workout Side Effects: 

There’s no chance that one should use a product past its expiry date. The manufacturers mention the shelf life with a clear purpose that the product gives no benefit but rather causes disadvantages past that date. 

Using an expired pre-workout would not just affect your athletic performance but can also disturb your stomach. In addition to that, an expired pre-workout will not give you the same pump as it used to give before its expiry date. 

What will an expired pre-workout do? 

  • It will reduce the effectiveness of the product. 
  • You will probably face stomach issues like bloating or gas. Imagine facing serious gas trouble in the middle of a workout session. Embarrassing…
  • Expired pre-workout tastes and smelled differently. 

Although all expired pre-workouts do not cause serious issues after consumption, they will surely lessen the boosting effects. 

Pre-workout can go expire even before their expiry date due to the mentioned reasons. These factors will let you know if your pre-workout is contaminated or not. 

Change in taste: 

 If you feel that your pre-workout does not taste as pleasant as it used to be earlier. Then there’s some problem!

Bad smell: 

A different or bad smell is a sign that your pre-workout is of no use now. 

Change in Color 

Difficulty in mixing: 

If you feel that you are facing some kind of trouble while mixing your pre-workout, then it’s time to get rid of it. Lumps or clumsiness are the red flags! 

Absence of kick: 

Pre-workouts give a kick during a workout session by boosting the performance level. If you feel that your energy level isn’t the same as before then you must be alert. 

How Long Does Pre-Workout Last in the Fridge?

As mentioned earlier, you should not keep your pre-workout in the fridge after mixing for days. In the presence of creatinine, it is recommended to keep it in the fridge for a minimum of 12 hours. However, without creatinine, your pre-workout can stay in the fridge for 24 hours straight. 

Keeping it in the fridge will help reduce the process of degradation of ingredients like creatinine. But…

It is advisable to mix your pre-workout for at least one or two hours before hitting the gym. If you are used to consuming it after refrigerating overnight, you ought to give your habit a second thought.

After all, a freshly mixed pre-workout performs better than a premixed 24 hours long refrigerated pre-workout. 

Tips and Tricks to Save Your Pre-Workout

It’s time to get familiar with some tips and tricks that can save your pre-workout

Seal the lid tightly: After using it, make sure that the lid is closed tightly. With the lid open, elements like moisture, air, and other microorganisms can make a house inside your pre-workout, leaving it spoiled and contaminated.

Store it in a cool dry place: As mentioned earlier, temperature fluctuations will make your pre-workout go bad far before its expiration. Save it from excessive hot temperature. Try to keep it in a cool place and save it from water too. Keeping it in direct sunlight will cause faster oxidation and might give birth to harmful bacteria. You don’t want that. Right? Recommended places can be inside a fridge or cup

Buy the right size: If you are someone who does not use pre-workout daily, then do not buy a huge tub-size jar. Store it according to your usage. After opening the lid, it starts getting spoiled day by day. If you do not use it on time, it will get all wasted. 

Keep the silica inside: If your pre-workout has a silica packet inside, it’s probably because there is a risk of clumping. Leave it inside after using it every time. Silica will absorb the moisture and save your pre-workout from going bad too soon. 

The Takeaway!!!

Before buying or using any product, it is mandatory to have a little knowledge about it.

Does pre-workout go bad? Surely, it does. But there are many ways to save it from going bad. Till now, you know all of them! Don’t you? Pre-workouts work best as energy boosters and they should be taken with good care. Make sure not to use them after the expiry date. Mixing it overnight would reduce the nutrients of ingredients like creatinine. So, use it right after mixing and keep it in a safe and cool place.