Schwinn 130 Vs 170–Which one is Best Exercise Bike?

SCHWINN 130 vs 170

It’s a known fact that cycling provides a plethora of health benefits. However, cycling outside is not everybody’s cup of tea. With the advent of technology, it has become easier for people to do indoor cycling in their homes or gyms using exercise bikes. All fitness freaks have made a mini gym in their homes because it feels more comfortable to work out at home. Being one of them, I got into utter confusion while choosing the best exercise bike, Schwinn 130 upright bike vs 170. Which upright exercise bike to choose? 

Working out using an exercise bike has a lot of perks, including weight loss, fat burning, improved cardio fitness, strengthening legs and lower body muscles, boosting heart health, reducing diabetes risk, and many more. Upright exercise bikes are a great option. If you are looking for a detailed comparison of upright bikes Schwinn 130 Vs 170, look no further. I have got your back here!

Although they look the same and have a lot of similar features, some factors make upright bikes apart.

To find out what they are, keep reading! 

Schwinn 130


Schwinn 170


Similarities and Differences: At A Glance 

Have a quick look at the similarities and differences of Schwinn 130 Vs 170! 

Belt-driven Drive SystemResistance Levels
Good structural Standpoint Workout programs
Bluetooth ConnectivityNumber of users
Maximum User Weight LimitBuilt-in fan, speaker
Media TrayUSB charging port 
Water Bottle Holder Display Screen
Power Source Heavier Flywheel
Transport Wheels Telemetric heart rate monitoring

Schwinn 170 vs 130; Specifications

Schwinn Upright 130
Schwinn Upright 170
Resistance TypeMagneticMagnetic
Resistance Levels1625
Frame Solid SteelSolid Steel
Drive System Belt-DrivenBelt-Driven
Display5.5’’ LCD2 DualTrack Blue Backlit LCDs
Tech IntegrationBluetoothBluetooth
User Weight Limit300 lbs300 lbs
Memory Capacity (Users)14
Heart Rate Monitor Contact & Telemetry EnabledContact & Telemetry Enabled, Chest strap included
Integrated Fan
Media Tray
No. of Programs 1329
Training & Social Apps Explore the world, ZwiftExplore the World App, UA, MyFitnessPal, GoogleFit, Apple Health, and MapMyRun
Built-in USB Port 
Dimensions 41.3″ L x 21.4″ W x 54.5″ H (104.9 x 54.4 x 138.4 cm)41.3″ L x 21.4″ W x 55.6″ H (105 x 54 x 141 cm)
Water Bottle Holder
Weight58.4 Pounds58.4 Pounds

Schwinn 130 and 170 are quality exercise bikes perfect for fitness lovers to ride inside their homes. In Schwinn 170 vs 130, Schwinn 170 stands one step ahead of Schwinn 130. Impressive features like 25 resistance levels, four user profiles, 29 workout programs, a contoured and adjustable seat, a built-in fan, speakers, and a USB charging port, make it the best option. 

It’s clear that Schwinn 170 upright bike has some advanced specifications in it. However, performance-wise, what’s the difference between a Schwinn and 170? 

To understand better, I will give a detailed and extensive review of their features and pick a winner in every characteristic. 

Schwinn 130 vs Schwinn 170; Detailed Comparison

Resistance Levels: 

Resistance levels determine the kind of intense workout a user can have on exercise bikes. Among four resistances types, the magnetic resistance system provides the smoothest and most seamless experience while working out. The resistance levels should be adjustable. However, level 8 tends to be enough, but ideally, there should be a 20+ resistance level on all high-quality exercise bikes. 

One of the most prominent differences between these two is their resistance levels. Schwinn 130 exercise bike has 16, while Schwinn 170 features 25 resistance levels. The number of levels allows you to adjust it according to your choice. So, clearly, Schwinn 170 upright bike wins here. 

Winner: Schwinn 170

Comfort & Convenience: 

schwinn 170 vs 130

One can only ride on the exercise bike if it is comfortable enough. Features like adjustable and padded contoured seat, positioning, and padding of handlebar add value to the comfortability of the bike.

Moreover, an ideal exercise bike is convenient in terms of assembly, usage, and convenience. 

Let’s see who wins here. 

The seat of both exercise bikes feels equally comfortable and padded. But, the difference lies in the adjustability of these upright bikes. Schwinn 130 can only be adjusted up or down. Compared to this, Schwinn 170 has an additional backward or forward adjustability option. 

The handlebar of Schwinn 170 has a forearm resting pad which provides support when we put pressure on our upper body. But the Schwinn 130 does not have this feature. 

Unlike Schwinn 130’s 1-piece crank system, Schwinn 170 has 3 piece crank system. Upon riding, this provided more space for my legs, making it comfortable for me to pedal effortlessly. 

There’s no doubt that Schwinn 170 ranks when it comes to adding comfort and convenience. So, for me, it wins. 

Winner: Schwinn 170

Workout Programs & Connectivity: 

The number of pre-programmed workouts matters for bikers who want a convenient and diversified workout programs experience while riding an exercise bike. Schwinn 130 comes with 13 workout programs with no custom program available.

To my surprise, Schwinn 170 upright bike impressed me with its 29 workout program options. It has more workout programs than the other one. This includes two fitness tests, four custom programs, one recovery test, nine heart rate control, twelve profiles, and one quick start program. These advanced features are a win-win and probably the biggest difference between Schwinn upright bike 130 vs 170.

When it comes to connectivity of upright bikes, Schwinn 130 only connects with apps like Explore the world and Zwift. Meanwhile, Schwinn 170 can work with numerous popular apps, including Explore the World App, UA, MyFitnessPal, GoogleFit, Apple Health, and MapMyRun. 

The winning title clearly goes to the one with more advanced features and options. 

Due to more workout programs and connectivity;

Winner: Schwinn 170

User Profile: 

If you have to share your upright bikes with other cyclists, opt for Schwinn 170, as it has four user profiles. Comparatively, Schwinn 130 has only one user profile and is suitable for one person only. If you are the only fitness lover at your home, Schwinn 130 will be good for you. 

However, if you have other partners with you or are expecting to add a few in the future, go for Schwinn 170. The user profile is another major difference that makes Schwinn upright 130 vs 170 apart. 

Considering the variety, Schwinn 170 stands winner in this department as well. 

Winner: Schwinn 170

Display: Schwinn 130 vs schwinn 170

Schwinn 130 has a 5.5’’ LCB, while Schwinn 170 comes with 2 DualTrack Blue Backlit LCDs. So, the latter has two display screens technically. The main difference is that Schwinn 130 does not have a Backlit LCD, making the display harder to read in less light or dark rooms. You will have to have a bright light around you to read the display fully. 

However, the Schwinn 170 has backlit LCDs, and you can easily read them in dim light. 

As Schwinn 170 offers improved screen visibility, it is the winner of this category. 

Winner: Schwinn 170

Tech Integration and Other Features: 

These two upright bike models have Bluetooth integration. But, while using it, I noticed that the Schwinn 170 is much more compatible than the Schwinn 130. It can fully integrate with fitness apps to track, set, or monitor progress, while Schwinn 130 lacks some compatibility.

Furthermore, the Schwinn 170 has many additional features like a built-in USB charging port, three-speed fan, and built-in speakers. While both can monitor heart rate, Schwinn 170 has an extra telemetric chest strap.

These features make Schwinn 170 a few leaps and bounds ahead of Schwinn 130. 

Winner: Schwinn 170

Price Factor and Warranty: 

Keeping in mind all the advanced features, Schwinn 170 costs more than Schwinn 130. The price for 130 is $449.99, and for 170, it’s $749.99. Technically, between both upright exercise bikes, Schwinn 170 is more expensive than the other model. It has great value for money with its convenient and advanced features. I won’t mind spending a few more bucks for a quality exercise bike with such amazing features.

Both of the models Schwinn 130 Vs 170  have the same warranty policy, which covers 

  • Frame: 10 years 
  • Mechanical: 2 years 
  • Electrical: 1 year 
  • Labor: 90 Days 

In the price of both Schwinn bikes, Schwinn 130 wins, and there is a tie among these two for warranty. 

Winner: Schwinn 130 

Schwinn 130 Vs 170; Overall Winner

Both of them are excellent upright exercise bikes, but the Schwinn 170 has impressed me with its features, outstanding comfortability, durability, easy usage, and convenience. 

There are a lot of differences in Schwinn upright bike 130 vs 170 that make one rule over the other. So, in both Schwinn bikes, 

Schwinn 170 WINS!

The Takeaway!!!

Exercise bikes help us achieve our fitness goals to a great extent. It’s something you cannot buy frequently. As it is an investment, be careful while spending your valuable money on exercise bikes. Both Schwinn upright exercise bikes are excellent. In Schwinn upright 130 vs 170, Schwinn 170 has won my heart with its amazing features and comfortability. There’s no doubt that both models are excellent exercise bikes, but only one gets to win, which is Schwinn 170. 

If you plan to buy high-quality exercise bikes, I advise you to choose Schwinn 170. You will not regret your decision! 

I hope this detailed Schwinn 130 Vs 170 comparison was of great help to you.