The 10 Best Glucomannan Supplements for Weight Loss [An Extensive Review 2023]

Best Glucomannan Supplements for weight loss

Are you the person who loves to maintain yourself or look slim? No doubt, the majority want this, but a few of them achieve what they dream of. Everyone knows that losing weight is not as easy as we think. It requires exercise, diet, supplements, and most importantly, time. Combining these four factors will definitely help you in achieving your fitness goal. But wait, how do you decide which supplement you should prefer? Research has shown that Glucomannan powder shows a great result in losing weight. Therefore today, we explore the best glucomannan supplements for weight loss.

Once you read this topic, you will know the miraculous benefits of using Glucomannan Supplements in your diet. In this one post, let’s collectively explore the glucomannan reviews, benefits, and side effects

In a Hurry? Here’re Our Top Picks!!!…

1. NOW Supplements, Glucomannan 575 mg

If you are a person who has no control over hunger and you never diet, then you should go with Now Glucomannan Supplement. No matter how vastly hunger issues come in your way, this pure galactomannan dosage reduces starvation and makes you feel full. Nevertheless, it is one of the famous supplements for weight loss caused by konjac root.

You need to take only two grams of powder in each serving. Further, no extra artificial fillers and ingredients can cause allergies. Instead, it is a gluten-free and vegan-friendly powder so that you can take it with all your heart and mind. There are a total of 180 servings available at an affordable price. If you want to add it to juices, shakes, or meals, if needed, make capsules, whatever seems convenient to you.

Overall, Now Glucomannan Supplement is the Best Appetite Suppressant Supplement. Once you take it, you can give your best to your dietary period. The product is affordable, vegan-friendly, and gluten-free, so it is a good choice for you.

  • No artificial fillers and extra ingredient
  • Super effective
  • Affordable and healthy
  • Not suitable for consuming with water

2. Best Diet Pill: Leanbean

If you want a specialized weight loss supplement for females, then LeanBean is the most recommendable. Research has declared that even with the same diet and exercise plan, both men and women lose weight differently. Men lose weight faster than women; therefore, women should go with the most advanced and effective dietary supplements. That’s why the LeanBean is the best diet pill for women’s weight loss.

Without any disturbance, this effective dose reduces the growing starving and cravings for extra and unhealthy food. Moreover, it impacts your fat metabolism super-fast and keeps you energetic. In addition to this, it also helps enhance your mental strength so you can focus on your goals. LeanBean comes with glucomannan about 3 grams per serving compared to other supplements. As a result, the higher amount of glucomannan produces the maximum effects in appetite-suppressing in your body.

Undoubtedly, it comes in the list of Best Glucomannan Supplements for weight loss for women. It has an impactful effect on the body of women, which makes them energetic, burns fats, and stable the metabolism. In the end, it works significantly for losing weight effectively.

  • No artificial fillers
  • Best for women
  • Boost the energy
  • Optional appetite suppression
  • Expensive


3. Best Fat Burner: Trimtone

People who want to boost their metabolism can prefer this TrimTone supplement. Fast metabolism converts your diet into energy and makes you active for a long time. On the contrary, slow metabolism will produce hurdles in your weight loss process; you have to struggle for a long. If you feel your metabolism response is sluggish, then Trimtone can help you in this case.

Besides, the product is made of 100% pure ingredients, which help reduce hunger, enhance metabolism, and burn fat in your body. Along with glucomannan, there is caffeine; both are significant ingredients for fat-burning supplements. Plus, the addition of green tea, green coffee, and grains of paradise are the other effective ingredients that can make your weight management program efficient.

Trimtone is the Best Fat Burner Glucomannan Supplement made of five effective ingredients for boosting the metabolism. On this, the company is so confident and trustworthy that it gives a money-back guarantee.

  • Boost the metabolism
  • Boost the cognitive working
  • Enhance your energy level
  • Excellent for fat burning
  • People who have a caffeine allergy should avoid it 

4. Best Caffeine-Free: Hourglass Fit

Now we move forward to our next supplement, which is Hourglass Fit. The involvement of the thermogenic ingredients makes the weight loss process super-fast. It helps burn the maximum calories and keep the cholesterol level in control to be healthy. Further, this supplement also balances the metabolism and blood glucose level in the body.

Many potential ingredients in this glucomannan supplement include Chromium, Capsimax, 5-HTP, and Vitamin B complex. The 5-HTP has an amino acid that supports serotonin development and the maximum concentration of glucomannan. But it is only available by the brands.

Hourglass Fit is the most powerful glucomannan supplement for weight loss that shows fast and effective results in a short time. The addition of 5-HTP and higher glucomannan concentration burns the optimal calories, enhances metabolism, and maintains your health.

  • Inclusion of Vitamin B
  • Balance blood glucose
  • Faster results
  • Only available on the official site of a brand

5. Best Naturals Glucomannan Supplement

The other product on our list is Best Naturals, one of the healthier and top-notch brands. The Glucomannan supplement is more than a weight loss powder. When it goes in, your body works as a remedy for constipation. At the same time, this weight loss powder maintains cholesterol levels and keeps your cholesterol in control. In this way, it helps you gain good health while reducing weight simultaneously.

The supplement is made of pure Konjac powder, which is best for losing weight. It reduces your desire for an extra or full meal and enables you to follow your diet plan without cheating and distraction. Anyhow, the product is unflavored, which can be a positive or negative thing depending on the consumer’s taste. Nevertheless, the product is 3rd party lab-tested thus safe and reliable to everyone.

Best Naturals Glucomannan Supplement is a reliable and trustworthy healthy supplement. You can think about it if you like good natural unflavored supplements. Otherwise, it is a tasteless dosage for you.

  • Good quality
  • A reliable product
  • Good for hunger management
  • A remedy for constipation and cholesterol control
  • Unflavored
  • Doesn’t dissolve easily


6. Best Herbal: Nature’s Way Premium Glucomannan Supplement

 In the list of Best Glucomannan Supplements for weight loss, now we talk about the Nature’s Way Herbal Glucomannan Supplement. Nature’s Way is the most prominent supplement supplier that uses the TRU-ID system for certification. Therefore, the purity, potency, and availability of all the herbs mentioned in the product are tested already.

The diet-conscious people who are vegan and want an herbal taste in their capsules can choose this healthy product. Nonetheless, it is free of gluten; you can take it before a meal for the weight management process. The required 1,995 mg on each serving makes you feel full and does not leave space for more. Apart from this, the product is hundred percent pure, thus free of common allergy issues. In the packing, there are 100 pills enclosed waiting for you.

Overall, like a trustworthy brand, the product is also reliable. The supplements come with the exact things which have been mentioned on the bottle. If you are the one who loves to add herbs to your diet, then that’s the Best Herbal Glucomannan Supplement for weight loss.

  • Herbal flavor
  • TRU-ID Certification
  • No gluten
  • Vegan friendly
  • Only 100 pills less as compared to other brands
  • A little complex to swallow


7. Best Budget: Nova Nutrition Konjac Root

The Nova Nutrition brand manufactures this glucomannan supplement. Our reason to mention this superior brand is its conformity. Unquestionably, the company tests all their items on each stage, so Nova Nutrition products have a big yes. Among all the ones, we take the Konjac Root supplement by the brand for meeting the criteria of one’s diet program.

The product makes you feel full and promotes your body for healthy cholesterol levels. Plus, it maintains the glucose level of your body as well. With this powder, you can efficiently control your appetite and proceed with your dietary program without frustration. You need to take 2000 mg on each serving.

If you want a Best Budget Glucomannan for weight loss, then Nova Nutrition Konjac Root is reasonable. For healthy digestion and weight management processes, it functions pretty effectively. However, some consumers don’t like the supplement’s taste, which contains fillers.

  • Economical Glucomannan Supplement
  • Vegan friendly
  • Makes your digestion system better
  • Contains filler thus artificial in taste


8. Best Powder: Nutricost Glucomannan Powder

 Another dietary supplement brand that provides high-quality, affordable health supplements is Nutricost. A Utah-based company offers a range of products containing diet supplements, minerals, vitamins, and sports nutrition. The Glucomannan supplement provided by Nutricost is of rich quality that includes Amorphophallus Konjac and Konjac root extract.

Furthermore, the product is free of gluten and non-GMO. There are no extras and artificial flavors that can disturb your mood and taste. Whether you are vegetarian or not, the dosage goes the same in all cases. You can add one scope in 6 to 7 OZ of water in each serving. However, you can choose 500, 1000, and 1500 grams of containers to go with your suitability.

Nutricost Glucomannan Powder is the best glucomannan powder for weight loss. It dissolves in the water immediately and digests effortlessly. Nevertheless, you can consider it a practical, Gluten-free, Non-GMO, and vegan-friendly supplement.

  • Good quality
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free
  • Fishy taste

9. Best Value: NutriGold Glucomannan Gold

 NutriGold is a well-known brand in the U.S that provides the world with healthy supplements, especially dietary. However, the best of the brand is that they don’t add harmful fillers and additives to their products. Upon this, it manufactures the item on the instructions of the FDA.

One capsule enhances the food weight while keeping the calories low. Nonetheless, the product is GMO and fillers-free. These capsules are suitable for vegetarians having 700mg. Besides, there are 120 capsules that you can take before the meals.

NutriGold is the best-value glucomannan supplement for reducing weight. It is free of common allergies, gluten, and fillers. However, the supplement is reliable and free of harmful ingredients.

  • Minimize sugar cravings
  • Suitable for blood sugar regulation
  • Regulate constipation
  • No good flavor
  • Takes time for showing a result


10. Best Unflavoured: Carlyle Glucomannan Powder

When it comes to following the diet schedule, the Carlyle Glucomannan can be a good option as the product helps make the digestion function smooth. With this powder, you can feel full for a long time. Take one spoon of powder and mix it well in juice or water. In a short time, the powder will dissolve smoothly. It is the best-unflavoured supplement for weight loss.

A small quantity of this supplement is equal to the significant quantities of many rivals. Thereby, you can consume it for an extensive-time period.

It is the best glucomannan supplement for weight loss. The combination of 2000mg of high potency konjac root and nutrition produces beneficial impacts on your body.

  • Non-GMO
  • 2000mg per serving
  • Pure vegetarian and vegan
  • No flavor
  • Not suitable for bedtimes


What to Look for in a Best Glucomannan Supplement 

Before purchasing glucomannan supplements, you should consider many factors. Some of the factors that you need to consider before buying glucomannan supplements for weight loss are listed below:

1. Choose the Right Type for You

Many forms of Glucomannan are available on the market, just like many other supplements. These include:

  • Capsules
  • Tablets
  • Chewable
  • In powder
The most common options are capsules and powder, primarily because powder can be mixed with shakes and smoothies. Glucomannan tablets and gummies present some risk factors due to their choking hazard, especially for young children, if your doctor approves of using the product.

2. Suitable For Vegans

Glucomannan is a fiber that is water-soluble and comes from the Konjac root. The main reason people who are vegan or vegetarian worry is that they might be eating something that is not suitable for them. However, these products are entirely planted in origin, so there is no risk of getting any non-vegan ingredients in them.

3. Interaction with Vitamins and Minerals

A glucomannan supplement can be taken with vitamins with powerful antioxidant properties. The supplement can help you lose weight by increasing the amount of water you consume and regulating blood sugar levels. Anyhow, it should be noted that glucomannan can reduce your ability to absorb these elements and make you feel ill.

4. While Pregnant

The general belief that pregnant women should not do certain things is one of many myths about what is and isn’t appropriate for pregnant women. Sometimes, people think that too much fiber can cause constipation.  

In the study, glucomannan was examined to treat pregnancy constipation. According to this study, approximately 75% of women taking this supplement experienced six or more bowel movements per day. According to this research, glucomannan is considered a treatment for constipation.

Benefits of Best Glucomannan Supplements:

There are many benefits of using glucomannan.

1. Constipation: Glucomannan helps to relieve constipation and other digestive problems. Also, it helps to build bulk in the intestines, which can help with weight loss.

2. Improve digestion and cholesterol levels: Glucomannan supplements are a great way to improve your health by improving digestion and cholesterol levels. It provides support for healthy digestion by promoting bile production in the liver.

3. Weight loss: Moreover, the most highlighted benefit is its help in weight loss. You can easily get it from any online retailer or market. 

4. Reduce sugar levels: When the sugar level reduces, your sugar remains in control thereby it is very useful for diabetes patients. , .

5. Reduce bad cholesterol: Glucomannan supplements can help lower harmful cholesterol levels in the body by binding to them and removing them from the bloodstream. 

Side Effects of Best Glucomannan Supplements:

Glucomannan is not causing an allergic reaction in most cases. However, there are rare cases where people get an allergic reaction to this dietary fiber. Glucomannan side effects have three following categories: 

Mild: Milder side effects include diarrhea, bloating, and gas.

Moderate: Moderate side effects include nausea, vomiting, and stomach cramps.

Severe: Severe side effects of using Glucomannan are more serious, including hives, rashes, or swelling of the throat or tongue, which may require medical care.


Its dosage depends on the individual’s health condition. A typical dose of Glucomannan is 4 to 5 grams per day.

If you’re taking the powder form, you’ll need more than a teaspoon. The recommended dosage is half a teaspoon per dose if you want to take it throughout the day. However, the amount of glucomannan varies according to the prescription and reason you are taking it. Therefore, no one exactly tells you what a standard dosage of glucomannan should be. It depends on the manufacturers and the form that influences the amount of this glucomannan dosage. You can refer to the container where the dosage has been given.


Q1. How much glaucoma can help you in losing weight?

A: According to one of the Nutrition British Journal, it has been examined that a particular number of participants who took psyllium husk and glucomannan supplements lost significant weight. It has been noted the participants lost approximately 10 pounds in only sixteen weeks.

 Q2. Does glucomannan decrease bloat?

A: In many types of research, it comes out as a supplement glucomannan causes gas and bloating. It happens due to the sudden interaction of a low-fiber diet and fiber. Anyhow, after a few weeks of use, things will become convenient.

Q3. Can I take a glucomannan supplement for a long time?

A: As per medical requirements, you can take the glucomannan capsules, and the powder is safe for children and adults. Nonetheless, strong glucomannan tablets can be unsafe for children and adults. It can result in blockages in the intestines or throat sometimes.

Q4. Can a woman who is pregnant use Glucomannan Supplements?

A: Yes, women can also use it after the approval of a doctor. According to the research, it comes out that glucomannan can help in curing constipation which most pregnant mothers have to suffer.

Q5. When should I take my glucomannan supplement?

A: If you aim to lose weight, you need to consume it 15-20 minutes before the meal to control your hunger. In other cases, it doesn’t matter when you want to take it but avoid it at bedtime.

The Takeaway!!!

Numerous people are facing the issue of weight gain. Apart from diet and exercise, they still fail to suppress their hunger which results in no change. Usually, people who are not used to dieting face these issues; they lose control of their cravings, feel frustrated, and are disturbed. Therefore, we couldn’t make a big difference in their weight. In this case, the Glucomannan supplements can help you a lot. Glucomannan powder or capsules makes you feel full without eating much. Also, these products will not only kill your cravings but also enhance your metabolism and digestion system.

Nonetheless, there are additional benefits of these supplements for both men and women. For your convenience, we also review the Best Glucomannan Supplements for Weight Loss; if you have read the reviews carefully, you know which supplement is made to ease your problem. However, we also recommended our three most recommended products that many consumers love. Now Glucomannan Supplement, Leanbean, and TrimTone are the most recommended supplements; you can consider any one of them without any doubt.